I am a Life Coach - Masteries Practitioner - certified by the International Association of Coaching (IAC)


My original career path was in the legal profession in London which then progressed to the corporate world where I helped run a business I co-owned with my husband.   By complete chance, 25 years ago, I attended a Personal Development weekend in the UK, originating from America.  This type of work was hardly known about or understood in England at that time, but I discovered my huge interest and respect for the intensity, depth and potential these group workshops could make to peoples' lives, happiness and well-being.  

In my spare time, I became a keen volunteer staff member of this organisation's weekends and workshops, and I learned many different skills from their Facilitator Training programme. In addition I have facilitated, guided and led many groups and circles of women with the emphasis on empowerment. I also helped to set up the not-for-profit company which is licensed to deliver the weekends and their associated courses in Europe, and I am still involved with the organisation today.

Though day to day I was dealing with the thrills and spills of business life, I always knew I felt a natural affinity to help people with their personal struggles. My heart's true passion lay in really listening deeply and facilitating change to make a difference to peoples' lives.  


About twelve years ago, after a sudden family death, I found myself unexpectedly asking  the questions:  "What do I want to do with the rest of my life?"; "What makes me happy?"; and "What have I been put on this earth to do?" A very good friend and expert Life Coach suggested some one-to-one sessions with her to help me find answers to these questions. I resisted the idea at first, I was full of self doubt and worry. After all, it could mean so much would have to change. And let's face it, change can feel so difficult sometimes that it's easier to stay where you are and with what feels familiar! However, the uncomfortable energy of my unanswered questions was building.  The knowledge that I was unhappy and finding my day-to-day job tedious and stressful could no longer be ignored.  


Somehow I found the courage to begin the Life Coaching process and I am so glad and grateful I did.   Rather than the huge mountain of a challenge I had feared, it became the most inspirational, powerful, affirming and positive process I could ever have imagined. I knew I had found my work and the place I wanted to be with my skills in the world.  With the support and inspiration of my Life Coach I started to dare to build my dream, envision a future life and take the steps to achieve it.  I took the difficult decision to leave my job and give up my salary. I began the process of studying and turning my years of volunteer experience into recognised Life Coaching qualifications to start my own practice.  It's been life changing!!!  Here I am today, waking up each morning to do what I feel I was put on this earth to do, coaching clients and empowering them to transform their lives.  I honestly love every minute of it. And I know from my own journey what doubts clients may have when they first learn about the possibilities for change Life Coaching can uncover and achieve.  


If you want change in your life or even just to begin to explore a dream about it, then together we will find out what you really desire in your life and I will help you, and support you to make it happen.